Be sure to prepare for the festival with some of these tips and tricks!

There will only be handicapped parking on-site this year. All other guests are encouraged to ride bikes, walk, and carpool to the festival. There will be free parking at a few other locations this year and shuttles to transport people from parking lots to the festival and back throughout the event.

By using a reusable water bottle, you are cutting down on waste! There are water filling stations with ice cold water spread around the festival for you to refill.

Check the weather forecast for the day of the festival. If there is a slight chance of rain, bring an umbrella or a poncho. If it is going to be sunny, bring a hat and wear sunscreen.

Wear comfortable shoes so that you can explore every one of the Earth Day Festival’s amazing booths! Check the weather forecast to see whether you should wear short sleeves & shorts or cover up a little more.

Dogs are welcome at this event! There is a water bowl at the INFO tent for dogs to get a drink. Please make sure pets stay on a 6′ leash.

Bring a comfortable backpack to carry anything you need or grab at the festival. If you have kids, a wagon or a stroller can be a great tool – not only to carry the little ones but all of the stuff that comes with them!

Maps will be on display around the festival to help you navigate. You will also be able to view and download a digital map on this website to use on your phone.

(2022 Map)