Go Green

Bring a full, reusable water bottle to Earth Day and fill it at the water station!

Ways YOU can help the environment:

Get involved!  Rappahannock Group Sierra Club
Plant a tree – treefred.org
Love your Rappahannock River! Friends of the Rappahannock
Turn off the lights – Energy4me
Turn off the faucet when brushing your teeth – save more than a gallon a minute! Water Conservation Facts
Reuse then Recycle ALL plastic bags. Plastic Facts
Compost your food scraps – Earth Easy, Home Composting Tips
Recycle old batteries and electronics – Staples recycling
WALK more! Rappahannock River Heritage Trail…a great place to start!
Spend time in nature  – Nature Rocks!
Visit your city, state, and national parks and love the outdoors!